PRODUCT LIST (Textile - Lab Testing Instruments, Chemical & glassware.)

Product Name



G.S.M. Balance A&D / SaKuRa Japan / Korea
G.S.M. Cutter (Fabric Sample Cutter) Lab Net Bangladesh / Taiwan / UK
G.S.M. Cutter Blades & Boards Martor Germany / UK
Digital Platform Scale (All Kinds Of Range) A&D / SaKuRa Japan / Korea
Digital Lux Meter. Lutron Taiwan
Sound Level Meter Lutron Taiwan
Hardness Test Kits HANNA Singapore
Thickness Gauges / Gauge Meter

Taiwan / China
Dial Gauges with Stand

Counting Glass / Pick Counters.

Japan / China
Hot Plate With Magnetic Stare   Germany / China / India
Digital Thermo meter (Another Type)

(Contact & Non-contact)

    Taiwan / China / India
Tacho-meter (Contact & Non-contact) Lutron Taiwan / China
Humidity Meter / Hygro meter (All Type)   Taiwan / China
pH paper (roll & strip) Meark Germany / India
PH Meter (All Kinds) HANNA / Adwa Singapore / Taiwan / China / India
TDS Meter (All Kinds) HANNA / Adwa Singapore / Taiwan / China / India
ORP Meter

UK / Germany / China / India
Panton Book – TC, TPX, Formula Guide

Panton UK

Multi Fiber Adjacent Fabrics SDC UK

Crocking Cloth / Rubbing Fastness Tester.


ECE Phosphate Reference Detergent “A”



Persil Detergent SDC / Unilever UK / Vietnam / Taiwan / China

Spot Lifter

Korea / Taiwan / China

Tex Marker

Korea / Taiwan / China / India